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Stories from carers, community, students and volunteers

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Helping People Be Heard!

Everyone has the right to speak up for themselves, especially when it's about their health, care and wellbeing.


Not everyone can do this easily - so that's where we come in. We give people a voice when they find it difficult to express their views, but more than that - we make sure that decisions about them are not made without them.


Cloverleaf Advocacy is an independent charity, and all our services are free and confidential for those who need us. We know our stuff too. We've been around for 25 years and have a team of more than 100 highly-trained advocates available to help people across the North of England. Although we're not part of the NHS or social care services, we do understand how they work.


We can help people to:


tell us how we did

Tell us how we did


Whether it's a compliment or complaint, we want to know.


Your feedback

advocacy in your area

Advocacy in your area


Cloverleaf Advocacy supports people to have their say in different ways all across the North of England.


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