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Lancashire Mental Health Partnership


What we do


Lancashire Mental Health Partnership delivers Peer and Self-Advocacy services to support people in Lancashire who use mental health services. 


Self-advocacy gives people a voice and a real say in the way the services and support they want and need are designed and delivered.   


Peer support provides opportunities for people with shared or similar experiences to come together and support each other. 


The team work in partnership with the people who attend sessions allowing them to shape the way that the service supports them in the community by: 


The service is open to anyone 18+ living in Lancashire and we would love for more people to get involved.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never participated in self or peer advocacy before, your experiences will add value to the work we do. And, if you aren’t comfortable attending meetings or saying how you feel, don’t worry, we can help you develop the skills and confidence you need to do both.


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Meet the Team


Jamie Cunningham, Service Manager Sam Cook, Peer Advocate Sean Smith, Peer Advocate Daniel Scanlin, Peer Advocate