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Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)


Independent mental capacity advocate

What is an IMCA?


An IMCA will work with you if you have had an assessment that has shown you aren’t able to make an important decision yourself.


This might be because you do not understand the information you are being told, you cannot remember the information you have been given and you can’t see what might happen if you make the wrong decision or tell the person why you have made that decision.


The IMCA will speak on your behalf when decisions about your health and wellbeing are being made.  The IMCA will speak to you, your family and friends and find out as much about you as they can so they can say if the decision is the best one for you.


If you are being moved from a hospital ward or care home to another place for your care and this is going to be for a long stay then an IMCA will be contacted to make sure the move is best for you.

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