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Carers Count Kirklees


Who might need this: anyone providing unpaid help and support to a loved one due to illness or disability.


Our Carers Count services support adults who provide unpaid help and support to a loved one due to illness or disability.


We know that being a carer can impact your day-to-day life significantly. It can be both rewarding and isolating. You may be unable to work. Your own health can suffer as a result.


Our Carers Count service in Kirklees aims to promote the wellbeing of carers, so they can continue in their caring role and have a life of their own, by:


The service also includes specialist provision for carers of people with mental health needs and/or drug and alcohol dependency.  In addition to the above, this provision also provides: 



Here are some of the things we offer


Benefits - we can help with completing forms for Carers Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children, Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and Attendance Allowance (AA).


Carers Assessments - we can help to complete the form to access other support you may need.


Support & Practical Help - for both the carer and the person they care for.

Social groups and activities - for the carer and the person they care for. Our groups can help you to meet other people in a similar situation, share experiences and support.


Ongoing emotional support - after bereavement.


Whilst we cannot offer counselling services, we understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved one who you have been caring for.


We also have a Carers Count service in Lancashire which provides:


Carers Count Kirklees

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