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A day in the life...Malcolm



As part of Learning Disability Week for 2023, we're sharing stories from members of our Calderdale Self Advocacy Network (in their own words) of their experiences living with a learning disability. 


Below, Malcolms gives us a glimpse into a day in his life...


"This is a day when I go to my day centre. I get up, have my breakfast, get on the access bus, then we have a drink when we get there.
At the minute we are doing a play so we go through the script and learn our lines. I find this part hard because I don’t have anyone I can practice with at home (Malcolm lives in Supported Living).
I do enjoy learning the lines though and I’m looking forward to the play!
In the afternoon we play bingo.
I enjoy this and I even sometimes win! I then go home where I have tea. The staff makes me tea: my favourite meal is a chicken dinner!
I don’t see my learning disability as a barrier. This is something I have always lived by."


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A day in the life...Malcolm