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Calderdale collaboration leads to huge increase in people taking up offer of health checks



Cloverleaf's Lead The Way and Calderdale Self-Advococy Network services are celebrating their part in a hugely successful collaborative project that has seen a huge increase in people with learning disabilities taking part in health checks in Calderdale. 


It was reported previously only 30% of people with learning disabilities in the borough were taking up invitations for a health MOT - this was despite annual health checks being available to them from the age of 14. 


Health checks are particularly important for the learning disability community, with a reported average life expectancy of around 23 years younger for men and 27 years for women compared to the wider population. Regular health checks are a vital part of ensuring that people with learning disabilities continue to live happy, healthy lives. 


The results of the collaborative partnership were incredible. 
The Halifax Courier reported that: '81 per cent of people on Calderdale’s Learning Disability Register responded to their offer of an annual health check at the end of March 2022. This rose to 87 per cent by the end of March 2023.'


Angela Burton, strategic health facilitator at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “It’s been important to work alongside people with learning disabilities, their families, and supporters to identify where changes need to be made to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.


“Together, we decided upon a range of initiatives that were needed to improve not only the number of learning disability annual health checks offered but also the quality of the appointments to make sure that people with learning disabilities are provided with an effective health action plan as part of the process that gives information and guidance about what that person needs and wants to do to stay healthy.


“I am grateful for the support provided by the Calderdale Self-Advocacy network and from staff working within many partner organisations for their ideas, views and the work they are completing to improve health services for people across the area.”


You can read more about the project here.  

Calderdale  collaboration leads to huge increase in people taking up offer of health checks