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Carers Count Kirklees retender success



Cloverleaf is delighted to announce that following a rigorous and competitive retender process, the Carers Count team has successfully been awarded a new three-year contract to continue to manage and deliver services across Kirklees.  


The whole team have worked tirelessly over the past three years to help grow the service into what you see today, and we'd like to take the opportunity to thank them all publicly and also send out a huge thank you to all of the carers and service partners involved for their continued help, support and feedback.  


This announcement is great news for Cloverleaf and Carers Count and offers a brilliant platform to build on the services and groups that are already in place and to continue to offer support to unpaid carers in the way that they need. 


Carers Count has grown rapidly as word of the service has spread across the region and they now have over 6,500 carers registered. In the past year alone, the team have held over 585 virtual group sessions, delivered over 1,700 hours of advocacy and helped over 400 carers claim additional income through unclaimed benefits.


The team actively invites feedback from carers on the services and groups that they provide and welcome comments and suggestions on all areas covered with the aim of Carers Count being the service that carers want, need and truly value.  


The Carers Count Action forum is now up and running specifically to allow carers the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on its services and to help shape the way they are delivered now and, in the future, and new attendees are always welcome. Please do visit the Carers Count website or call 0300 012 0231 to find out more. 

Carers Count Kirklees retender success