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Carers Count Sanctuary Days



Carers Count in Kirklees is delighted to announce it has been granted £1,000 from the Locala Health & Wellbeing Community Fund.


It will be using this generous donation to provide two Sanctuary Days and one evening session for unpaid carers in Kirklees, supported by the service.


The sessions will take place in the tranquil setting of the Westwood Christian Centre, and participants will be able to choose from activities including reflective time, arts and crafts and Tai Chi/Qigong.  The Sanctuary Days will provide the carers with a much-needed respite from their caring responsibilities; this will be the sixth year these days have been offered and people attending have reported on how much they have benefited from them. 


↪️ Dates and details of sessions when released will be on the what's on page on the Carers Count website     Keep an eye on Carers Count socials for updates in the coming weeks!


↪️For more information about Locala's Health & Wellbeing Fund, see their website


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Carers Count Sanctuary Days