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Carers UK - cost of living crisis



Unpaid carers are facing unprecedented financial challenges in light of the UK’s cost of living crisis. Without urgent support from Government, many may be unable to continue caring. 


Caring often comes with additional costs that can have a significant impact on carers’ finances and many carers suffer financial hardship as a direct result of the care they provide. 


New research by Carers UK - based on a survey of over 3,300 carers undertaken in February 2022 - reveals that the financial pressure on unpaid carers has now become unsustainable. 


Just under half (45%) of unpaid carers said they are currently unable to manage their monthly expenses and any further increases in energy bills will negatively affect their own physical and mental health or that of the person they care for. 


In the months ahead, 42% thought that they would not be able to heat their home to a safe level, while 32% are worried they will have to use a foodbank. 


Things are even tougher for carers in receipt of Carer’s Allowance or the Carer Element of Universal Credit; 58% were worried they’ll have to use a foodbank, while 55% said increased energy bills will mean they have to cut back on food. 


In addition to the unprecedented levels of stress and financial worries already piled on unpaid carers after an extremely challenging two years of caring through the pandemic, without immediate action from Government, we are concerned that thousands of carers will be unable to cope.


To ensure carers are supported during this extremely difficult time, we have joined 77 other organisations to sign an open letter to the Chancellor, calling for enhanced financial support for unpaid carers who are facing a cost of living crisis. 


You can read the open letter to Rishi Sunak here: Open_letter_to_Chancellor_re_cost_of_living_crisis_and_unpaid_carers_-_vFINAL_with_signatures.pdf (


To find out more about the Carers UK - Under Pressure: Caring and the cost of living crisis - research, please visit: Carers_UK_research_briefing__-_Under_Pressure_-_Caring_and_the_cost_of_living_crisis.pdf ( 


Carers UK - cost of living crisis