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Carers Week 2023



This year Carers Week takes place from the 5th – 11th of June. The theme is ‘Recognising and supporting carers in the community.’


Carers Week is an annual campaign run in partnership with key carers charities to raise awareness of and highlight the challenges unpaid carers face. It also aims to recognise the often-hidden contribution they make to society. 


Many people still don’t think of themselves as carers. As a result, they don’t identify as having caring responsibilities and seek out or access much-needed support to help them in their caring role. 


The focus for 2023 is on ‘recognising and supporting carers in the community’, which is at the very core of what each of Cloverleaf's Carers Service delivers. 


Throughout Carers Week, our service teams will be out and about in the communities they serve, helping to raise awareness of the important role unpaid carers play in our society and ensuring they are supported and recognised in the wider community. 


From coffee and chat events, art groups, drop-in support sessions and information roadshows - we are hosting and attending all manner of events to celebrate Carers Week across Kirklees, Barnsley and Lancashire. 


Please see the images below for an overview of each of our Carers Services plans for Carers Week. 


For more detailed information, please follow the links below. 

Carers Count Kirklees

Carers Count Lancashire

Barnsley Carers Service


Carers Count Kirklees Carers Week events calendar Carers count Lancashire Carers Week events Carers Count Barnsley Carers Week events



Carers Week 2023