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Cloverleaf Advocacy awarded Advocacy Quality Performance Mark



Cloverleaf Advocacy has been awarded the NDTi Advocacy Quality Performance Mark for a further three years after demonstrating the provision of excellent independent advocacy services in line with the advocacy charter.   


Following a robust assessment, the Dewsbury head-quartered non-profit organisation demonstrated the highest levels of skills and services within the guidelines laid out by the NDTi, showing a person-centred and empowering approach in the way that it plans, thinks and executes its advocacy practices.  


Assessors fed back that they observed that advocates were empathic and delivered their advocacy sensitively and with tenacity. In particular, the expertise in non-statutory advocacy delivery was noted - further evidencing that Cloverleaf’s advocates were passionate about their roles in enabling people to have their voices heard and rights upheld.  


The Senior Management Team and Service managers were also praised for their strong leadership skills, with a strong camaraderie evident within teams on a local level – with the feedback received from external stakeholders overwhelmingly positive.   


Advocates reported that Senior Advocates and Service Managers are good at listening and empathising, in supervision and other meetings, and that they act where needed, such as when advocates felt fearful or upset. There was also great appreciation for the organisation's use of the ‘Keeping Safe App’.     


In addition, safeguarding procedures, policies and governance were highlighted as ‘exemplary’ with staff demonstrating an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of Cloverleaf’s approach in this area. The report also showed that there is a strong organisational desire for continual improvement and the further strengthening of systems and processes.  


Overall, Cloverleaf was seen to be open, reflective and keen to use any learning to drive change and improvement.   


The recent re-awarding of the Advocacy QPM is further proof of Cloverleaf’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of advocacy to the people it helps.   


Cloverleaf Advocacy CEO, Suzi Henderson commented; “We are delighted to have been awarded the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark for a further three years.   


“We’re all acutely aware of the pressures that our sector has faced during the pandemic, and the feedback from the NDTi is the greatest reward and recognition for the dedication, hard work and professionalism shown by our advocates.   


“I’m incredibly proud of our team at Cloverleaf, not only of the work that we do but also of the culture of the organisation. It’s reassuring to know that the support we offer to the people we help - alongside our openness - remains for all to see both inside and outside of Cloverleaf.   


“Although we’re not known for blowing our own trumpet, it’s important that we share this fantastic news with all of our stakeholders as it demonstrates our dedication to ensuring that we continue to deliver quality advocacy services. 


“The report did highlight a few areas where we could make improvements – such as our knowledge regarding the equality and diversity of the people we work with. We have recently undertaken a whole organisational review to address this and have an action plan in place.” 

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Cloverleaf Advocacy awarded Advocacy Quality Performance Mark