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Cloverleaf Advocacy wins new contract to deliver Kirklees Advocacy Hub



Cloverleaf is pleased to announce we have won a new contract to deliver the Kirklees Advocacy Hub, which will make a real difference in the lives of local people at risk of not having their rights upheld or their voices heard.  


The Hub, which will be based in our Dewsbury office with advocates working across Kirklees from hospitals, care homes, and other community locations, will begin delivery on 1st October 2023. It will offer free, independent, advocacy to people aged 18+ living in Kirklees, including: 


Kirklees, with a population of over 430,000 people, is the third-largest metropolitan district in England.  It is where we started our life as an advocacy charity almost 30 years ago.  Our head office is based in Dewsbury, Kirklees, and we deliver other vital services including Carers Count and Kirklees Involvement Network.


Recognising the significance of regaining a service we hold close to our hearts, our CEO, Suzi Henderson, said:


“Advocacy is vitally important. It ensures people's views and wishes are heard by other professionals and helps people to stay at the centre of decisions about their lives.


We will work with people across Kirklees to help them find their voice, whatever challenges they face, so they can maintain choice and control over their lives. Our aim, always, is to empower people, ensuring their rights are upheld at the same time as building the skills to live more independently wherever possible.


For those already receiving advocacy from the Advocacy Hub, we will guarantee continuity of support delivered by a team of qualified advocates. We will be here to assist and advocate on your behalf for as long as needed. 


We are committed to providing everyone accessing advocacy now, and in the future, with person-centred, high-quality, support that meets their needs.” 


To find out more about the service, you can contact us by:



Telephone: 01924 454875 

Cloverleaf Advocacy wins new contract to deliver Kirklees Advocacy Hub