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Courtenay's Story



As part of Learning Disability Week for 2023, we're sharing stories from members of our Calderdale Self Advocacy Network (in their own words) of their experiences living with a learning disability. 


Here's Courtenay's story: 


"At first, you are an easy target because they might think you are different. But you are no different to anyone else. Also having a physical disability doesn’t help as sometimes this is hard alongside your learning disability.
The good things about being in groups like this are that they give you more confidence and want you to live your life the way you want it because you know you will feel safe in the groups, and you have a good say when usually I feel like I wouldn’t be able to have my say."


Find out more about the local activities we're involved with during learning disability week, and how to get involved. 



Courtenay's Story