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Deaf Awareness Week 2023



UK Council on Deafness created Deaf Awareness Week to increase the visibility of challenges the deaf community face and educate others on how they can support them. 


This year it runs from 1–7 May 2023 and the theme is “Access to Communication’’.


The theme highlights the need to break down the communication barriers that prevent deaf people from fully participating in society, barriers that can lead to social isolation, limited employment opportunities, and reduced access to essential services.


These barriers can include a lack of access to sign language interpreters, limited captioning and subtitling in videos and online content, and a general lack of awareness of the communication needs of deaf individuals.


This year’s Deaf Awareness Week will encourage individuals, organisations, and governments to work together to create a more inclusive society where deaf individuals have the same access to communication as their hearing counterparts.


Here at Cloverleaf, as part of our drive to improve inclusivity, we partner with the Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD).  RAD are able to offer advocacy to deaf individuals accessing our services, as well as supporting us more widely with Deaf Awareness Training for our staff.

Deaf Awareness Week 2023