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Dean renews his Bus Pass



Dean attends a Cloverleaf self-advocacy group.


He knew the time was coming around again, where he had to renew his bus pass. Dean told his self-advocacy group he needed to make an appointment with the doctors, to get a letter of support for the bus pass application. Dean has to pay for this letter every time and he gets anxious from around a month in advance.


Dean asked if advocacy could support him to renew his bus pass, as he wasn’t sure about the whole process.


Dean was supported by advocate Neil to contact the learning disability social work team, to see if they could possibly put him a letter of support together for the application, without charging him for it.


The social work team were very supportive when Dean and Neil told them that people were having to go to the doctors for letters, and paying for them too. The social work team said they would email a letter the same day - so Dean could be supported as soon as possible to reapply.


Neil received the email for Dean then supported him to arrange an appointment at the right office to apply for the new bus pass. Neil also went with Dean to the office to help him understand the process and any information they needed from him during the appointment.


The bus pass took several weeks to arrive, Dean asked Neil to help him chase the pass. They found out the wrong address had been put on the first two passes sent out.


Dean finally received his new bus pass and is now is able to travel independently, wherever he wishes to go.


Dean renews his Bus Pass