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Keeping in touch with CJ



How CJ overcame loneliness with the help of community support and friendship


CJ is 46 and lives on his own. Due to a previous injury, he suffered a brain bleed that has left CJ wheelchair-bound and unable to speak (other than a few simple words). He also suffers from pain.


For the past year, YR has been seeing CJ every month at his house; they chat for a while and then watch something together on the TV and talk about the programme. He likes David Attenborough programs, as well as action films. 


For the last few months, they've also been watching a zombie series on Netflix. When CJ isn’t feeling well enough for a visit, they can still watch the programme remotely and message on WhatsApp at the same time. 

This has allowed CJ to have company even when YR is not there in person, and he is always keen to have a remote watching session and someone to talk to during the day.


CJ is always grateful for the visits and the text messages. He has a dry sense of humour and often sends funny pictures to YR and the men’s group on WhatsApp. This has created a real sense of community support and friendship for CJ.

Keeping in touch with CJ