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Share the love on National Compliment Day! 



Can you remember how you felt the last time someone paid you an unexpected compliment? Warm, fuzzy, appreciated, surprised, happy... that’s how much of a difference a genuine compliment can make to our lives.  


Humans love to be complimented – it motivates and lifts us to do better and to take time to show our appreciation for others. Many studies have shown that the more positive feedback people receive, the more they give out in return. Surely that’s a sentiment that we can all get on board with!  


National compliment day offers the perfect opportunity to spread some love and show your appreciation to those around you. It could be a work colleague who you respect, a neighbour who makes you feel noticed, a loved one who brightens your day or even a health professional who makes a difference in your life.  


It’s an easy – and super healthy – habit to get into and it’s amazing how much impact just a simple word or two can have. So, smile and tell someone if you love their outfit, acknowledge if they did a great job and take the time to show someone that you see and appreciate them.  


Share the love on National Compliment Day!