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Sarah and Michael's story



As part of Learning Disability Week for 2023, we're sharing stories from members of our Calderdale Self Advocacy Network (in their own words) of their experiences living with a learning disability. 


Here's Sarah and Michael's story: 


Sarah and Michael are a married couple.

They both have learning disabilities.

They have been married for 10 years and renewed their wedding vows in April!


"Living with a learning disability can be hard. Some people don’t realise you have a learning disability and may take advantage of you.
We enjoy going to meetings, like Bradford Talking Media and Calderdale Self-Advocacy Network. We also like going to the Learning Disability Partnership Board which happens every two months.
We also like where we live, in independent living."


Find out more about the local activities we're involved with during learning disability week, and how to get involved. 



Sarah and Michael's story