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Supporting DD’s family after his dementia diagnosis 



DD is 75 and lives with his wife. During the first lockdown, DD's wife realised that DD had become increasingly quiet. She assumed it was because they were isolated inside together and did not have much to talk about until their son noticed that he was not able to have a conversation with his Dad. 


DD was diagnosed with Dementia shortly afterwards. He seems quite content but only says; "yes/no/possibly" and sometimes in very small sentences.  


Both DD and his wife are very active and love to walk, and we have met several times in the local park. DD likes to walk fast! He also enjoys stamping to scare the birds at the lake, something he does with his grandchildren.  


DD's wife has been quite anxious to leave DD; The first time we met was in their house, then we met at the park - DD's wife walked in the opposite way to us with a friend, so we met up at various points around the park (then we go to the cafe for a drink).  


We had a few successful sessions in the park until DD's wife felt the confidence to leave the park to run some errands. DD was fine, and when DD's wife came back to meet us, she seemed incredibly grateful for the break.


Eventually, DD's wife would love to be able to go and play tennis, something she really enjoys doing.

Supporting DD’s family after his dementia diagnosis