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What I'm reading and listening to this month - Julie Dixon



We all know that reading and listening to music is good for the soul!


We’re big lovers of the written word and a good old hum-a-long here at Cloverleaf, so we’ve asked our colleagues to share what’s getting their earbuds buzzing and sparking their word-nerdiness at the minute...


This is what Julie has to say…


I am an avid reader and always have a book on the go. I am currently reading The Whiteoak Heritage set of books by Mazo de la Roche about a family in the 1800s who emigrate to New Zealand.


My favourite book of all time is "The Little House" by Philippa Gregory - a psychological thriller about coercive control.


I have Spotify and love listening to Solomon Burke, a soul singer. I am also a big fan of Nina Simone but I like all kinds of music really.


Secretly, I also enjoy The Archers on BBC Sounds and love podcasts like Line of Duty and Happy Valley, where they discuss each episode.  

What I'm reading and listening to this month - Julie Dixon