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What I'm reading and listening to this month - July



We all know that reading and listening to music is good for the soul!


We’re big lovers of the written word and a good old hum-a-long here at Cloverleaf, so we’ve asked our colleagues to share what’s getting their earbuds buzzing and sparking their word-nerdiness at the minute...


This is what Carol has to say…


I have always been an avid reader - I remember walking to school and reading the whole way; my Mum says she had to take my book from me at meal times or I would read at the table. 


I love a wide variety of books but mainly crime thriller-type books.  The Faye Kellerman series featuring Rina Lazarus is probably my favourite of all time and there are 27 of them to go at!  Rina is a traditionally observing religious Jew; I was fascinated to learn more about the faith which is intertwined throughout all the books.


My current book (well, Kindle book) is very different but hooked me in from the first page.  The Forgetting Time is Sharon Guskin’s first novel and it’s an absolutely riveting read.  It is fiction and is about a 4-year-old boy called Noah who can recall another life as a 9-year-old boy called Tommy.  I have never read a book focusing on reincarnation.  It’s a controversial subject but is so well written, it’s a beautiful book that will stay with me for a long time.


I mainly listen to music in the car, driving between visits.  I plug in my iPod Touch (very old-fashioned now given all the streaming services) and it plays all the tracks I’ve programmed in, in random order, so I never know what’s coming next.  My Particular favourite tracks are by Genesis (their Invisible Touch album is one of my favourites of all time), Erasure, Queen, Pink Floyd, Bette Midler, Simon and Garfunkel, Don McLean, Labi Siffre (you can probably guess my age from the bands I love)!  My phone is hooked up to my car and, though I don’t answer calls when driving, I get very annoyed if it rings as it automatically stops the music!

What I'm reading and listening to this month - July