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Young Carers Annual Report 2023



Ahead of Young Carers Action Day on March 15th, Carers Trust has published its latest annual survey of 1,109 young carers and young adult carers from across the UK.


The results make for stark reading. Young carers and young adult carers have seen a sharp increase in the level and intensity of their caring role. Many also reported spending more time caring and having to care for more people than in previous surveys. 


One of the stand-out results from this year was the stress experienced by young carers and young adult carers with the additional stress and anxiety around managing household budgets resulting from the rise in the cost of living. 


The key findings from the survey included: 

It's clear to see from these findings that the pressures are having a detrimental impact on young carers and young adult carers' mental health. 


44% of those surveyed stated that they 'always' or 'usually' feel stressed. 


“I’d love to have kid problems. Instead, I’m saving up to try and pay our rent and to see if I can squeeze in some food at the end of it.”  


“Caring never stops. Especially when it’s time to sleep, your brain constantly worries about how tomorrow will be, hospital appointments, money etc. It’s in overdrive.” 

“There is a lot of pressure on me, to the detriment of my own health, wellbeing, success, happiness and future.”


“You don’t get to have bad days. If you have a bad day, the whole house can fall into disarray. It’s exhausting and traumatic.” 


Carers Trust is calling on the Government to publish a national strategy and action plan for unpaid carers in 2023. They have also made the following recommendations: 


They have published an open letter to the Prime Minister and are asking people to show their support by adding their signatures. 


For Young Carers Action Day - Wednesday 15th March 2023 - Carers Trust is also asking MPs, organisations and individuals to pledge their support for young carers and young adult carers.

Young Carers Annual Report 2023