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We need volunteers


We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds with a wide range of interests, skills and experience and we are always open to new ideas.


We place a high value on the vital part that volunteers play in our work within the community, and we work hard to ensure that they feel part of the Cloverleaf family.


We often have new opportunities for volunteers to join us right across Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire and Tameside, with a wide range of roles from admin support to volunteer advocates.


Our volunteers are provided with support from the team and offered training with us once they begin their role. In addition, Cloverleaf takes part in Volunteers' Week each year and also attends and hosts events to celebrate the valuable input made by our volunteers.


What are the benefits of volunteering with Cloverleaf?


Volunteering brings with it a wealth of benefits - not just for Cloverleaf and our community but also for our volunteers. It has been well-documented that giving just a little of your time by volunteering can help to:


What is a Volunteer Agreement?

Your supervisor will work with you to decide your “Volunteer Agreement”. This agreement will outline your agreed role, Cloverleaf Advocacy policies, and the support you can expect. The agreement is not a legal document and is not a contract of employment, but more of a jointly written guidance manual.


Will my expenses be paid?


You should not be out of pocket by volunteering, and after agreement with your supervisor, Cloverleaf will refund reasonable travel expenses, including public transport and travel by car or taxi. Any other volunteer-related expenses will need to be discussed and approved by your supervisor, but in most cases will be covered.


Will I need a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check?


Not all our volunteering roles need a DBS check, which is the new name for a CRB check. If you will be working alone with a vulnerable adult or child, the law states that one must be carried out. This is a simple process that we can guide you through. However, you will have to give consent for this to happen. Administrative roles do not need a DBS check.

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For an informal chat about volunteering, call head office on 01924 438438 or send us an email 


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